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Construct Maharashtra

Expo & Summit on Infrastructure, Construction & Technology
20th – 22nd Jan 2021
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About Construct Maharashtra

Construct Maharashtra Exhibition & Conference is a platform to fast track infrastructure investment in Maharashtra and Mumbai on a scale never attempted before.

The exhibition and conference features 15 large scale infrastructure projects worth US $ 234 Billion+ ( Rs 17.6 lakh crore+) that are expected to create over 26 Million new jobs across Maharashtra and India by 2025.

Another 60,000 new jobs will be created in partner countries that participate in the projects.

Some of the projects are self financing, which greatly increases their viability. By unlocking very large amounts of capital locked in cities, it unleashes an economic stimulus that will create business opportunities on a large scale for companies in the Construction, Manufacturing and Service industries.

This is the first large scale project that is fully aligned to the Indian Government’s National Infrastructure Pipeline plan to invest Rs 111 Lakh Crores in Infrastructure by 2025.


Construct Maharashtra is expected to bring some of the world’s Largest Project developers, Construction Companies, Architect firms , Investment banks and Private Equity firms to Mumbai between the 20th – 22nd of Jan ‘ 2021


Construct Maharashtra

15 projects worth US $ 234 Billion or Rs 17.6 Lakh Crores
Proposed Projects Across Maharashtra

1) The Maharashtra High Speed Ring Corridor project

3) The Global Parli Project - Expansion Across Maharashtra

5) New Secondary Education & Healthcare Projects under PPP mechanism

2) The Pan Maharashtra University Network

4) Creation of 6 New Eco towns for the Tribal Economy
Proposed Projects in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR)

6) The Mumbai Eastern Waterfront + Port Re-development Project

8) Expansion of the Mumbai Naval Base

10) The Mahim Bay Marine National Park & Artificial Coral Reef Project

12) Mumbai Heritage Protection Mega Project

14) Mega Slum Rehabilitation & Affordable Housing Project

7) The Waste Island & Mega Water Treatment Project

9) Mumbai Flood Control & Mithi River Cleaning Project

11) Mumbai East Central Park Project

13 ) Trans Harbour Links & Next Generation Transportation Corridor

15) To be announced

International Collaboration

Creating the world’s largest construction market In India

Mumbai Metropolitan Region to see Large Marine Projects in the 2021 – 2027 period

A Few Transformative Projects

Mumbai flood control and Mithi river restoration

Maharashtra Multimodal Ring Corridor
Bullet Train + Super Highway

Waste island to store Mumbai’s waste for 60 years

Mumbai Solid Waste Sequestration
Size of Business Opportunity : US $ 4 Billion (Rs 30,000 Crores)
New Job Creation Potential : 0.3 Lakhs
Large waste water treatment plants ( 2000 mld )

Waste Water Treatment
Size of Business Opportunity : US $ 2 Billion (Rs 15,000 Crores)
New Job Creation Potential : 0.1 Lakhs


Construct Maharashtra
Announcing the Dawn of an Era of Megaprojects in India

Construct Maharashtra
Expo & Summit on Infrastructure, Construction & Technology
Catalyzing a massive economic stimulus for all businesses

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