• 20th - 22nd january 2021                  Creating sustainable infrastructure for transformation of Maharashtra
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Construct Maharashtra 2020: Key Highlights:

Construct Maharashtra is intended to facilitate Business to Government, and Business to Business meetings between prospective partners and Joint venture participants.
In all it is expected that this will be a start of discussions and business MOUs having worth over Rs 16 Lakh Crores will be signed over the 3 day event.

Conference Tracks & Meetings

Meetings between prospective project developers of the 10-15 new projects within Construct Maharashtra and Govt. officials to sign MOUs over the 3 days event.
One on One meeting between prospective project partners and parties who expect to do business together.

The event will feature presentations of 10 large projects which will give unique business opportunities to the Exhibitors and participants across the International Construction Ecosystem Project developers, Construction companies, Architect and Town planning firms, Construction equipment suppliers, Construction service providers, Logistics companies, Manufacturing companies, Project incubators, Private equity firms etc.
Industry players deploying a vast array of business models will be present at the event, and this is expected to create several hundred interesting discussions on the side lines of the conference, where the main business action and deal making is expected to take place.


Construct Maharashtra will have nearly 100+ companies setting up stalls.
Senior management from companies from all parts of the Construction, Manufacturing and Services supply chain are likely to be present at the event (Please see section 3, Exhibitor profile).

An exhibition presence for 3 days in India’s financial capital is likely to lead to the opening up of significant business opportunities for all players as companies from all parts of India and the world will be attending the event.

Overview of the 15 Large projects within Construct Maharashtra

The Construct Maharashtra event features 15 large Infrastructure projects for the development of Maharashtra.

Sr. No. Project Name Category Size of Business Opportunity New Job Creation Potential
(In Lakhs)
Proposed Projects Spread Across Maharashtra
1 The Maharashtra High Speed Ring Corridor project Highway and High Speed Rail US $ 20 Billion
(Rs 1,40,000 Crores)
2 The Pan Maharashtra University Network High Speed Education Data Network US $ 10 Billion
(Rs 70,000 Crores)
3 The Maharashtra Water Network & 60,000 Check Dam Project Pan Maharashtra Water Grid / Network US $ 12 Billion
(Rs 84,000 Crores)
4 Creation of 6 New Eco towns for the Tribal Economy Sustainable Rural development US $ 3 Billion
(Rs 21,000 Crores)
5 New Secondary Education & Healthcare Projects under PPP Mechanism 2000 New Secondary Schools and 300 New Hospitals at the Taluka Level US $ 9 Billion
(Rs 63,000 Crores)
Proposed Projects in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region ( MMR )
6 Mumbai Port Re-development Project Smart City & Financial District US $ 45 Billion
(Rs 315,000 Crores)
7 The Waste Island & Mega Water Treatment Project Waste Treatment US $ 4 Billion
(Rs 28,000 Crores)
8 To be announced To be announced To be announced 1
9 Expansion of the Mumbai Naval Base Military Construction US $ 35 Billion
(Rs 2,45,000 Crores)
10 Mumbai Flood Control & Mithi River Cleaning Project Flood Control & Slum Redevelopment US $ 12.85 Billion
(Rs 90,000 Crores)
11 The Mahim Bay Marine National Park & Artificial Coral Reef Project Environmental Repair& Artificial Coral Reef US $ 2 Billion
(Rs 14,000 Crores)
12 Mumbai East Central Park Project Urban Forest and Huge Park in the City Centre US $ 0.5 Billion
(Rs 3,500 Crores)
13 Re-location of HPCL, BPCL, RCF and Tata Power outside Mumbai Environmental Repair, Financial Centre and Affordable Housing US $ 16.5 Billion
(Rs 1,15,500 Crores)
14 Trans Harbour Links & Next Generation Transportation Corridor Transportation US $ 10 Billion
(Rs 70,000 Crores)
15 Mega Slum Rehabilitation & Affordable Housing Project Slum Redevelopment & Affordable Housing US $ 60 Billion
(Rs 4,20,000 Crores)

Unique Features of the Event

Construct Maharashtra announces the arrival of an era of Large Construction projects in India-on a scale never seen before. Projects with a total business potential in excess of US $ 240 Billion will be discussed with the objective of commissioning a majority of these projects by 2025 - 27. This presents a unique opportunity for all members of the business ecosystem.

Following are unique features of this event :

  • Face to face meetings with Central & State Government decision makers and potential private sector partners.
  • Since the event will be one of the worlds largest gatherings of players from the Global Construction Industry and the Banking & Finance industry, it presents companies attending it to strike large businesses and deals.
  • International companies will be able to meet prospective Indian partners and Indian companies will be able to find Global partners.

For further details & participation, please contact

Bombay Exhibition Center
Goregaon, Mumbai, India

Tejinder Singh Nagi
General Manager - Exhibitions
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Sujoy Gomes
Sr Sales Manager Exhibition
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