• 20th - 22nd january 2021                  Creating sustainable infrastructure for transformation of Maharashtra
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Who will be The Visitors?

 Based on the potential size of business to be transacted at the event, Construct Maharashtra is the first focused ultra large construction

industry event that is being planned in India.

Central Govt. and State Govt. senior officials and decision makers are expected to be present and making road shows regarding the featured

large projects to potential investors and business partners.

The event is focused to be a Global Business Summit, since very large investment decisions and MOU / deals are expected to be signed at

the event for business.

Senior executives from some of the largest Construction Companies, Architect firms, Construction ecosystem companies, Project

developers and incubators, Banks, Financial Institutions and private equity players are expected to be present at the event. Several ministers from the Union and State Govt as well as a large number of Secretaries to the Govt are expected to be present.

Apart from the above business related visitors, around 5,000 visitors from various connected businesses and academia will visit the event.

Where Will The Visitors Come From?

Given the size of the Business opportunity it represents, the Construct Maharashtra event will draw visitors from every part of the world.

Which State is the show happening?

'The Event is happening in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra'

Visitor Registration

For further details & participation, please contact

Bombay Exhibition Center
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Tejinder Singh Nagi
General Manager - Exhibitions
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Sr Sales Manager Exhibition
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