Construct Maharashtra

Expo & Summit on Infrastructure, Construction & Technology
20th – 22nd Jan 2021
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Strategic partner | X36 Falcon Design

About Us

The 1st edition of Construct Maharashtra Exhibition and Summit, is scheduled to be held between 20th – 22nd January ‘ 2021 at the Mumbai Exhibition Centre in Goregaon with a vibrant theme “ Think BIG, Mumbai and Maharashtra ”.

Construct Maharashtra’s objective is to ignite a visionary and ambitious development agenda in the minds of all Maharashtra’s people.

The event is proposed as an integral part of Maharashtra’s development planning from now on. It will be a platform for creative designers and city planners to meet and collaborate with Govt. officials and industry leaders to collectively provide thought leadership, inspiration, experiences and potential path-breaking innovative ideas to execute large projects.

Theme – “ Think BIG, Mumbai and Maharashtra ”

The three day program is designed to get people thinking about the future of the State and the City with new ideas and the spirit of Entrepreneurship. The sessions will provide the leadership needed to embrace and navigate through potential challenges as we move from concept to execution.

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The NESCO – X36 Falcon Partnership

Construct Maharashtra is being brought to you by NESCO in partnership with India’s top strategic design firm X36 Falcon design.

Established in 1991 the Bombay Exhibition Center (BEC) is a known name in the exhibition industry and is the biggest exhibition venue in Mumbai. A division of NESCO Ltd, a listed company, BEC also organises its own exhibitions and events on various subjects.

To bring this unique event to the Industry and the public, Nesco has tied up with X36 Falcon Design ( which specializes in the concept and design of Iconic Infrastructure and Urban concept projects besides other challenging areas such as Turnaround design and Private Equity advisory.

Both NESCO and X36 Falcon, together are bringing this unique event to Maharashtra and the city of Mumbai.

Construct Maharashtra
Expo & Summit on Infrastructure, Construction & Technology
Catalyzing a massive economic stimulus for all businesses

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