Construct Maharashtra

Expo & Summit on Infrastructure, Construction & Technology
18th – 20th March 2021
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The Exhibition

Based on the potential size of business of US $ 234 Billion ( Rs. 17.6 lakh crores ) to be showcased at the event, Construct Maharashtra is the first ultra large construction industry exhibition that is being planned in India.

We have very strong Central Government and State Government support for the event and senior Govt. officials and decision makers are expected to be present to make road shows regarding 15 large projects to potential investors and business partners.

We expect several MOU / deals to be signed at the event.

Senior executives from some of the worlds largest Construction companies, Architect firms, Construction ecosystem companies, Project developers and incubators, Banks, Financial Institutions and private equity players are expected to be present.

Apart from the above business related visitors, we expect around 15,000 visitors from various connected businesses and academia to visit the exhibition.

Where Will The Visitors Come From ?

Huge New Business Potential for all Ecosystem participants :

The Construct Maharashtra Conference & Exhibition presents huge business opportunities to all players both Indian & International.

We expect the following categories of visitors :

1) Project developers, EPC Companies, Construction service providers, Clean Tech companies etc
2) Manufacturing companies, Construction Equipment suppliers etc
3) Materials companies : Steel & Cement Companies, Special material suppliers
4) Financial Service providers : Banks & Insurance Companies, Logistics companies
5) Architects, Designers and Town Planners
6) Investors : Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity, VC funds
7) Specialized Marine : Marine Construction , Dredging Companies etc
8) Specialized Service Providers : Engineering Consultants, Law Firms etc
9) Government : Central , State & Municipal as well as Regional Development Authorities

How will this Conference & Exhibition benefit Business in India ?

The Construct Maharashtra conference and exhibition is being organized at a critical time and at an inflection point in India’s economic growth.

The global trade war & the Corona virus crisis have both created huge uncertainties in the business environment in countries around the world for Manufactured goods and Service industries.

Given this, India’s Manufacturing Industry and the Make in India plan is facing headwinds in a world that is facing an economic downturn. The domestic construction Industry also needs similar support.

The Construct Maharashtra Exhibition and Conference represents a business opportunity worth US $ 234 Billion or Rs 17.60 lakh crores.

This presents a huge opportunity for all kinds of businesses and it also creates New Jobs on a massive scale. We expect the projects within Construct Maharashtra to create 26 Million jobs in Maharashtra and India and another 60,000 jobs in partner countries.

Expected Exhibitor Profile

The exhibition represents six related & integral business ecosystems that benefit from Large Construction Industry Activity. This provides various stakeholders on the Seller and the Buyer sides a unique focused business networking environment.

Zone I : Construction Ecosystem

International & Indian project developers, Global EPC Companies, Next Generation Construction Technology companies, Marine Construction companies, Dredging companies, Civil Engineering Companies, General Contractors, Heavy Engineering and Construction, Industrial Infrastructural companies, Project Management Consultant, Real Estate Companies, MEP Contractors, Small Renovation Contractors, Refurbishment companies, Erectors of Heavy Steel Structures, Re-development firms, surveyors, HVAC, LIFT & Elevators, Fire Detection & Fire Fighting, Sewage treatment plants, Rain Water Harvesting, Resurfacing of Runways, Electrical & Plumbing, Internal Water Supply, Plumbing, Internal Electrification, Fire Detection, Fire Fighting, Lift & Elevators, Air Conditioning, Acoustic, Interior designers, Furniture and Wood Work, Water Treatment Plant, CCTV Surveillance, External Water Supply, External Electrification, HT Line with DG Works, Area Drainage, Sewage Disposal, Sewage Treatment Plant, Road Works, Over Head Water Tanks, Racking and Warehousing Solutions, Rapid Structures, Mechanical Works, Seismic Survey companies etc.

Zone II : Manufacturing Companies

Large Steel companies, Large Cement Companies, Construction equipment manufacturers, Prefabricated construction companies, Concrete manufacturing companies, Special building materials companies, Electrical equipment manufacturers, Masonry companies, Large scale brick manufacturers, Specialized companies etc.

Zone III : Service Organizations

Architect firms, Designers, Town planning firms, Project management consultants, Construction service providers, Engineering companies, Logistics & Supply chain management companies, Delivery partners of major E-commerce companies, Surveyors, Cost estimation, Project scheduling etc

Zone IV : Finance & Specialized Knowledge firms

Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Private Equity and Venture capital companies, Consultants & Law Firms

Zone V : Indian & Foreign Govt. organizations

Government pavilions, Foreign Government Consulates, International Trade organizations, Industry Associations, Media & Publishing organizations.

Zone VI : Smart City Players

Consultants, NGO’s , Multilateral Financial Institutions, Advisory companies, Knowledge and Innovation majors : Google, Amazon, IBM

What Are The Types Of Stands ?

For the convenience of Exhibitors, we have the following packages for the stalls :

Shell Scheme Package

The shell scheme package starts from a Standard 9 sq mt Stand (3 mt x 3mt). Exhibitors will be provided with a pre-fabricated booth with octonorm panels.

Free Design Stand

Exhibitors will be allotted space only. Exhibitors can appoint a stand contractor / fabricator to customize and create their own booth design. Minimum stand size is 18 sq mt.


Minimum stand size is 36 sq mt

Booth Type India Exhibitor (Per SqM) International Exhibitor (Per SqM)
Bare Space (Min 18 Sq Mts) INR 12,000 USD 250
Shell Space (Min 9 Sq Mts) INR 14,000 USD 280
SME / MSME Pavilion INR 9,000 -

* Goods & Service Tax @ 18 % is applicable

Booking of Stalls

Bank Details
Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd
A/C Number: 57500000406242
Branch: Fort

We have some innovation in our Sponsorship schemes as well. Potential sponsors & Partners can choose to either go for the Platinum and Gold sponsorships or they can choose to sponsor the meetings any of the 15 listed projects within the Construct Maharashtra programme.

Each type of sponsorship and partnership has some unique benefits associated with it that gives Sponsors a unique chance to take part in select discussions with Govt. officials and potential business partners and get large scale business for their companies.

For sponsorships / partnerships and booking of stalls please contact :

Mr. Tejinder Singh Nagi
General Manager ( Exhibitions )
+91 9970159012

Sujoy Gomes
Sr Sales Manager ( Exhibitions )
+91 7506446757

Construct Maharashtra
Expo & Summit on Infrastructure, Construction & Technology
Catalyzing a massive economic stimulus for all businesses

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